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Fashion Sewing

Project provided courtesy of:

  Marcus Brothers ©

Wool Flower Boa

Read all instructions carefully before starting.


  • Wools by Marcus Bros, 56 inches wide – 1/4 yard of tan or camel
  • Additional 9 inch by 13 inch cuts in assorted other
    neutral color wools
  • Thread in colors similar to woolens
  • Clear monofilament thread
  • Assorted beads in neutral colors, 1/8” to 1/4” in
  • Patterns & Diagrams


From the tan or camel yardage, cut a two strips of wool 1 1/4 inch wide and 37 inches long. Overlap the ends of both strips about ” and stitch layers together to piece into one long strip. Trim any excess from the overlap.

Cut flower shapes from assorted colors: Largest size, 20; Medium size, 18; Small, 38.

Stitch 3 or 4 vein lines in the center of each small flower intersecting in the center. Use a triple stitch if available and a thread color that contrasts with the color of the flower. (Diagram 1)

Pinch a 1/4 to 3/8 inch tuck in the center of each medium and large flower and tack in place by machine with clear thread. (Diagram 2)

Pair one small flower with a medium or large flower in a contrasting color. Tack the small flower on top of the large flower with clear thread. Repeat until you have 38 double flowers in a variety of color combinations. (Depending on placement you may need more or less than 38 flowers).

Pin flowers along one side of the strip. Fill the strip from end to end, placing alternating flowers close enough to fill the space but barely touching. (Diagram 3) Tack flowers to the strip with clear thread. Flip the strip over and fill the opposite side with flowers positioned between the flowers on the first side.

With regular thread, hand stitch a contrasting bead to the center of each flower. (Diagram 4) If the boa is too long, trim the strip one flower at a time until it’s the right length for you.



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