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PIllow Projects

Project provided courtesy of:

Stenciled Heart Pillow


  • 45-inch off-white cotton fabrics: 12 assorted,
    ⅛ yard each; pillow back, yard
  • Off-white piping, 1- yards
  • Retro shape heart stencil*
  • Glorious gold metallic acrylic paint*
  • Acrylic textile painting medium*
  • -inch stencil brush or No. 6 round bristle paintbrush
  • ⅜-inch assorted flat off-white buttons, 24
  • 14-inch square pillow form

Miscellaneous items: ruler; scissors; paper towels; masking tape; disposable palette; iron; press cloth; straight pins; sewing machine; sewing needle; off-white sewing thread;

Optional: rotary cutter and mat


From the backing fabric, cut a 14 -inch square. From each of the remaining 12 fabrics, cut two 2 x3 -inch rectangles. Also cut two 1 x12 -inch and two 1 -x14 -inch border strips.

Mix gold paint with an equal amount of textile medium (about 1 capful each). Stencil a heart in the center of each rectangle. Use masking tape to hold the stencil in place and cover unused sections of the stencil.

To stencil, dip the brush in the paint, then wipe on a paper towel until nearly dry.     Using a circular motion and holding the brush perpendicular to the surface, brush around the stencil edges.

When dry, cover with a press cloth and iron to heart set the paint.

Unless otherwise indicated, sew all fabrics right sides together using a -inch seam allowance.

Arrange the rectangles in four horizontal rows of six rectangles each. Sew each horizontal row, then sew the rows together to form one 12 -inch square.

Sew the 12-1/2 inch border strips to the sides of the center square, then sew the 14 - inch strips to the top and bottom.

Sew a button in the center of each heart, with the buttonhole threads running vertically.

Sew the piping around the pillow front, inch from the edges. Overlap the ends in a bottom corner; clip the piping seam at the other corners as you sew. Sew the pillow front to the back along the piping seam, leaving a 12-inch opening at the bottom. Turn right side out and insert the pillow form. Slipstitch the opening closed.


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