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Holiday Projects

Project provided courtesy of:

Handcraft Illustrated  ©

Silk Tree Decorations Trio


Makes three 7" (17.8 cm) tree decorations

  • After printing, increase size of pattern by 200% before cutting
  • 45"-wide (114.3 cm) silk dupioni, 3/4 yard (0.69 m) each
    • Suggested Color Group
      Black-and-white check  
      Fuchsia-pink iridescent
      Fuchsia-gold (tangerine) iridescent

  • 3/8"-wide (1.0 cm) ribbon:
    • Suggested Color Group
      18" (45.7 cm) black-and white check
      9" (22.9 cm) black-and-white dot
      9" (22.9 cm) fuchsia

  • 14 fuchsia silk roses 1/2" (1.3 cm) across
  • 14 green glass leaf beads 1/2" (1.3 cm) long
  • Thread to match fabrics
  • 3/4 yard (0.69 m) 20"-wide (50.8 cm) fusible knit interfacing
  • Fiberfill
  • Fabric glue (quick-hold type)
  • You'll also need: Sewing machine; iron; small wire cutter; point turner; sewing shears; beading needle; hand-sewing needle; and pins.
  • Pattern


1. Cut fabrics. Using tree ornament pattern, cut two trees each from black-and-white check, fuchsia-pink, and fuchsia-gold iridescent silk. (To match check, follow Designer's Tip, below.) Cut six trees from interfacing. Fuse interfacing tree to wrong side of each silk tree following manufacturer's instructions.

2. Sew and stuff trees. Pin two black-and-white check trees right sides together. Set machine for short stitch length. Starting at trunk, stitch 1/4" (0.6 cm) from edge all around, pivoting at points and inside corners; leave lower edge open. Stitch again over previous stitching. Trim seam allowance to 1/8" (0.3 cm); clip points and inside corners. Turn right side out, using point turner where needed. Press well. Tuck open edge 1/4" (0.6 cm) to inside and press. Stuff fiberfill through opening, using point turner to reach points, until tree is firm. Slipstitch opening closed. Repeat to make remaining two trees.

3. Add roses and leaves. Hand-sew 7 green glass leaf beads to one side of black-and-white check tree as per pattern or as desired. Clip wire stems from 7 roses. Glue one rose next to each leaf. Repeat process to trim fuchsia-gold iridescent tree with roses and leaves.

4. Add ribbon hanger. Cut 9" length of checked ribbon. Fold ribbon wrong side in and offset ends 3/8" (1.0 cm). Fold extension under. Place folded end on back of fuchsia-pink tree just below peak. Tack in place, then use beading needle to tack glass bead through all layers. Repeat process to attach fuchsia ribbon to checked tree and dotted ribbon to fuchsia-gold tree. Tie remaining checked ribbon into bow and tack to peak of fuchsia-pink tree.

Designer's Tip: Try this tree design in other fabrics and trims. Ideas include blanket plaids with ecru wool pompons, cotton lace with rhinestone buttons, and panne velvet with star appliques.

by Dawn Anderson
Handcraft Illustrated Holiday 1998 (magazine no longer published)
Photography Carl Tremblay, Illustration Judy LoveStyling Ritch Holben

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