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Sewing & Craft Alliance

Purses, Bags & Totes

Project provided courtesy of:
Sewing & Craft Alliance  ©

Sequin-Trimmed Bag


  • Pattern
  • 1/4 yard (30cm) bias printed plaid satin
  • 16" x 8" (40.5 x 20.5 cm) rectangle of fleece interfacing
  • 183" (465cm) middy braid
  • Assorted sequins, glue " (2cm) button to cover
  • 6 beads with large holes

Here's how

Note: All seams are " (6mm).

Cut: Cut 2 A and 2 B of satin; 1 A and 1 B of fleece.

Front and Back: Baste fleece sections to wrong side of 1 A and 1 B fabric sections. Use remaining pieces as lining. With right sides together, stitch across the straight edge of front sections. Trim fleece to stitch line. Cut a 3" (7.5cm) piece of braid for loop. Baste ends at small dots on right side of fleece-backed back matching raw edges.

Assemble: With right sides together, stitch back flap sections together between large dots. Trim. Place right sides of bag front and back together with flap extending and bag edges even. Stitch, holding lining out of way. Notch out fullness of curve. Tuck the flap sections between the right side of bag. Pull lining sections away from bag and with right sides together, stitch, leaving a 4" (10cm) opening at lower edges. Notch out fullness. Turn bag right side out through opening. Press in seam allowance and edgestitch opening closed. Press. Tuck lining inside bag.

Trim: Cover button with satin and sew in place.

Sequins: Sequins are only placed on one side of fabric. Using a toothpick and clear or white fabric glue, place the sequins. Make sure the sequins are evenly spaced with "domed" side of sequin up. Dry overnight. Do not press sequins.

Shoulder strap: cut three 60" (158cm) lengths of braid. Tie the 3 pieces together by evenly spacing 8 knots leaving long ends. Sew last knot on each end to bag at flap. Cut ends to different lengths. Insert on bead on each end, tie a knot and fringe braid as shown in photo.


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