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Kids Sewing & Craft Projects

Project provided courtesy of:
 Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores ©

Fleece Hat and Scarf

Fleece hat and scarf from JoAnn Stores at www.joann.comWarm their heads and hearts with this fuzzy fleece hat and scarf!


  • 1 yard fleece
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Punch

Directions for Hat

1. Cut rectangle of fleece 14" for length x the circumference of head, having the long dimension parallel to the selvage.

2. Fold rectangle in half along the width, matching short ends. Sew long edge. Sew one short edge. Turn right side out.

3. Roll back opposite short end as desired to form brim of hat.

4. Punch hole in both of the top corners of hat. Attach pom poms (see instructions below).

Directions for Scarf

1. Cut 9” x 50” rectangle of fleece, with long dimension running from selvage to selvage.

2. Punch holes as desired on each end of scarf. Attach pom poms (see instructions below).

Directions for Pom Poms

1. Cut three rectangles of fleece, each 3” x entire width of fleece.

2. Fold each rectangle into thirds. Stitch lengthwise down center of rectangles. Trim long edges to create 2-1/4"-wide strip. Save trimmings to be used as ties in Step 4.

3. On long edges, cut every 1/4" to within 1/4" of line of stitching.

4. Cut strip into 6" lengths. Roll each length tightly along stitching line. Using narrow strips from Step 2 as ties, wrap tightly around center of pom pom and knot; leave ends of ties long in order to secure pom poms to hat or scarf.  Fluff up pom pom by rolling between palms of your hands.

TIP: Use very sharp scissors or sharp rotary cutter to cut fleece.


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