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Bridal Sewing & Craft  Projects

Project provided courtesy of:

Husqvarna-Viking ©

Fast, Faster, Fastest Veils

Look in bridal magazines or bridal shops for ideas on view styles, lengths and types of headpieces. Many fabric and crafts store offer headpieces that are ready to cover with lace, flowers, ribbons, silk flowers, embroidery motifs, or any combination of creative techniques.

Make sure you have enough tulle

Bridal tulle is available in a variety of widths. Purchase the 108-inch (270 cm) wide for a full view. Decide on the longest length you will possible want and purchase twice that length for a double veil plus an extra half yard for experimenting with finishing techniques. You can always cut the width and length down.

Usually the view has two layers, one longer than the other. Cut the veil two lengths long and fold crosswise. Cut one length shorter as desired. Round all four corners of the veil. (Hint: Fold the corners together and cut at one time. Use a large plate to guide the curve.) Burda pattern 5038 features several styles and lengths of bridal veils if you feel you need a pattern for guidance in purchasing yardage and/or cutting out the veil.

Finish the veil edge as desired. Experiment on scraps to see which technique you like best.

Fast veil

Finish the edge with satin ribbon or decorative lace or trim. Place the narrow satin ribbon, lace, or decorative trim about ” (1 cm) from the edge of the veil and stitch it in place with a twin needle straight stitch on your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, using a twin needle that is right width to stitch along the edges of the ribbon or snap on the edge joining foot as a guide and use a standard needle, adjusting the needle position to stitch along the edge of the lace or trim. Cut away the excess veil tulle that is outside the finished edge.

Faster veil

Finish the edge with a pearl edge on your Huskylock serger. Consult the Sewing Advisor to set your Huskylock serger for a 2 or 3-thread rolled edge with stitch length 3 to 4. Use a fine white thread for needle and both loopers. Snap on the pearl foot accessory. Put the cutter down. Place string pearls in the groove of the foot and stitch them to the cut edge of the veil with the rolled edge. Experiment on scraps to fine turn the stitch settings and practice sewing the pearls in place.

Fastest veil

Finish the veil edge with a rolled edge on your Huskylock serger. Consult the Sew Advisor to set your Huskylock serger for a 2 or 3-thread rolled edge with a stitch length of 2. Thread the upper looper with Sulky rayon decorative thread for a decorative edge. Stitch the rolled edge all the way around the raw edge of the veil.

When the edges of the veil are finished, gather the folded edge at the crown and attach it to the headpiece or a comb. The button-hole loop trim that is available by the yard can be stitch to the crown of the veil to slip a comb into.

Embroider the veil

Remember, veils are not just for weddings. Make simpler, shorter veils for first communion and confirmation dresses, or make a “dress up” veil for a special child as a part of a costume. I have made two of these for granddaughters and they have almost worn them out playing bride.

  • Fast, Twin needle
  • Fast, Edge joining foot 412 28 02-45 + Standard needle
  • Faster, Pearl foot 214 10 02-501 (Model 905/910)
  • Fastest, Rolled hem

 by Sue Hausmann

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