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PIllow Projects

Project provided courtesy of:
Elna USA  ©

Elegant Neckroll

This project from ElnaUSA was taken from “Making the Most of Your Basic Serger Accessories,” which was designed with the Elna serger consumer in mind. The elegant neckroll features such techniques as gathering and a blind hem. Something as simple as gathering on the serger can add texture and elegance to a designer neckroll. And with the addition of some quick serger techniques, the results will command many "oohs" and "aahs.”

Important Note: These project instructions are specific to Elna machines; however, the project can be adapted for use on other machines.
Skill level: beginner


  • 3/4 yard each of two coordinating fabrics
  • One package purchased piping
  • Two 1" self-covered buttons
  • Medium-sized cording for gathered ends
  • Fiber- or down-filled neck roll form
  • Large-eyed needle or bodkin
  • Optional: tassels

Serger Set-Up

  • Stitch Selection: Gathering Stitch (Elna ProCard 1); Blindhem (Elna ProCard 3); 3-thread wide
  • Attachments: Gathering foot; Blindhem foot
  • Thread: Polyester serger thread
  • Tensions: Gathering (UL-2.0, LL-2.0, RN-5.0, LN-6.0); Blindhem (UL-2.0, LL-2.0, LN-4.0)
  • Length: 4.0 for gathering
  • Differential Feed: 2.0 for gathering

1. Measure the overall length of pillow form and divide by 3 for length measurement. Measure the diameter of the pillow form. Note: all seams are 1/2”. For outer sections, cut fabric the length measurement + 1” by the diameter measurement + 1”. For the middle section, cut fabric the length measurement + 1” by the diameter measurement + 1” multiplied by 2 (for gathering). For circular end pieces, cut two more rectangles the diameter measurement + 1" by radius measurement + 1-1/2".

2. Set-up serger for gathering and attach gathering foot. Gather long edges of middle fabric. Serge each gathered edge to long edge of one outer section, right sides together. Then create a cylinder by serging remaining long edges right sides together.

3. Attach purchased piping to each end with sewing machine, overlapping ends for continuous piping. Serge short edges of end pieces right sides together to form small cylinders, and stitch one side to piped sections.

4. Set-up serger for a wide 3-thread stitch and attach the Blind Hem Foot. To make casing, fold back hem 1" along remaining edge of end pieces. Blindhem in place leaving small opening for cord.

5. Thread bodkin or large-eyed needle with cording, insert in casing. Gather up tightly and tie ends. Cover buttons following directions on the package and attach over gathered ends.

6. Optional method of gathering pillow ends: Thread cording through hole on standard serger foot or through hole on support plate of multi-purpose foot.

7. Using a wide 3-thread stitch, serge over the cord creating a thread casing. Gather the cord to fit. Finish as above.

Tip: To increase the gathering on heavier fabrics, lower the pressure control on the presser foot or serge over the stitches a second time. Increase the needle tensions or pull the needle threads for tighter gathers.

To purchase the book, “Making the Most of Your Basic Serger Accessories,”
contact your local authorized Elna Dealer.
Project by JoAnn Pugh-Gannon, Sewing Information Resources


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