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Bridal Sewing & Craft  Projects

Project provided courtesy of:

Singer Sewing Co. ©

Decorative Bridal or Evening Bag

Decorative bridal and evening bag from SingerMaterials needed

  • 1 yard lightweight off-white satin
  • 1 yard textured off-white lace
  • 10 to 15 lb fishing line
  • 6 weight off-white decorative rayon thread or ribbon floss
  • 1 spool off-white overlock thread
  • 2 spools off-white wooly nylon thread
  • 1/8 yard off-white organza
  • 1 yard 1/2”-wide, off-white organza ribbon
  • 1 yard 1/4”-wide, off-white decorative cord

This project is specific to a particular brand of sewing machine, notion, fabric and/or supply. However, the project may be easily adapted to other brands.


Fabric Preparation and Set Up

  • Make a paper pattern of a circle with a diameter of 25"
  • Cut one circle from textured lace
  • Cut one circle from satin
  • For rosettes, cut three 2-1/2" wide strips, 20" long, of off-white organza.


  • Fabric: Organza
  • Overlock Setup: Rolled hem
  • Thread: Wooly nylon in loopers

See QUANTUMLOCK®14T957DC manual pages 17,18, 21, 37 & 55 for threading and instructions.

Sew a rolled hem on one edge of the organza strips, serging fishing line inside the rolled hem. Make three organza rosettes by wrapping organza around your finger and securing base of rosettes with a few hand stitches.


  • Fabric: Textured lace and satin
  • Overlock Setup: Three-thread overedge stitch
  • Thread: Needle - Overlock thread
  • Upper Looper - 6 weight decorative rayon thread
  • Lower Looper - Overlock thread

See QUANTUMLOCK®14T957DC manual pages 17, 18, 23, & 43 for threading instructions.

Bridal or evening bag patternMake two buttonholes 1” apart and approximately 3" to the inside edge of circle of lace fabric. The buttonholes should be 5/8" in length. Cut open. Put the satin circle and the lace circle wrong sides together. Sew around the circle, lace side up with the three-thread overedge stitch. Decorative thread will appear on lace side.

Stitch a casing inside the circle using the chainstitch, placing the buttonholes in the center of the casing stitches.

See QUANTUMLOCK®14T957DC manual pages 20, 23, 39 & 40 for threading instructions.

To form casing, one stitching line should run 2-1/2" from the edge and the other 3-1/4" from the edge. Run cording through casing entering and exiting at buttonholes. Draw the cord to close bag. Knot the two ends together. Form a bow with the organza ribbon and attach it and the rosettes to upper section of bag near the casing.


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