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Baby & Toddler Projects

Project provided courtesy of:

Brother International Corp ©

Quick Baby Bonnet

This project will teach you how to use the decorative and heirloom stitches to create a quick baby bonnet.

Materials and Supplies

  • 14" X 8-1/2" Bastiste 100% cotton or synthetic fabric 
  • 46 inches of 3/8" wide satin ribbon 
  • 36 inches of 1/2" wide satin ribbon 
  • Embroidery thread to match fabric 
  • Spray starch 
  • 60 weight thread to match fabric 
  • Wing needle 

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate 


Step 1 - Spray starch and iron 14" X 8-1/2" piece of fabric. 

Step 2 - Place 8-1/2" X 3/8" wide ribbon on either end of the short sides of the fabric, right sides together. Line up the ribbon with raw edges. Stitch along the inside edge of the ribbon to secure it to fabric. Turn the ribbon and fabric to the wrong side and stitch the loose side of the ribbon to the fabric. 

Step 3 - Turn one long edge up 1" and press. 

Step 4 - Place the fabric on the sewing machine wrong side down with the bulk of the fabric to the right. Using the built-in scallop stitch and wing needle, stitch 1/2" in from the folded edge. 

Step 5 - Turn fabric over to the wrong side and trim close to the scallop stitches. This will give a nice finished look. 

Step 6 - Select another decorative stitch and stitch that 1/2" from the first row of stitches using a regular needle. 

Step 7 - For third row stitches use the wing needle and select the stitch. Add any other stitches of your choice, five rows looks nice. 

Step 8 - To stitch the back casing, turn under the back raw edge of the fabric 1/4" then turn under again 1/2". Run the remaining 3/8" wide ribbon through the casting to gather the bonnet back and tie in a bow. 

Step 9 - Cut two pieces of 1/2" wide ribbon to measure 18 inches long. Fold under the raw edge of the ribbon about 1/2" and sew to either side of the bonnet. 

Carol Bell, Education Consultant


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